Amazing unicorn gift ideas

The craze for unicorns can be seen everywhere. Unicorn style gifts are not just confined to the kids anymore; in fact, adults have also had a huge regard for unicorns for over many years now. The trend can be noticed due to the availability of unicorn gifts for people belonging to all age groups.  According to a study, it has been reported that females have more regard for unicorns as compared to men.

The range of unicorns gifts which are available in the market caters to the needs of all men, female and children. Now days there are Unicorn onesies and toys and just about anything you can think of can be decorated with beautiful Unicorns. Unicorns are considered to be a symbol of grace, purity, and beauty. Therefore, whenever someone receives or gives unicorn gifts, it sends out similar messages to the person. Among adults, it develops within the person a feeling or desire to be a better version of him/her. Before gifting someone a unicorn themed gift, it is better advised to consider the attributes attached to the gift and whether or not you want to go for those characteristics while choosing a gift for your loved one.

This article will lay out for you some of the most amazing ideas for unicorn styled gifts so that you don’t have any trouble choosing one.

Unicorn styled fluffy slippers:

Everyone is aware of the fact that unicorns are said to have some really good healing powers. Therefore, if you gift unicorn styles fluffy slippers to a person who is suffering from the problem of sore or tired feet, it will definitely come as a huge surprise and ease. The person will not only feel special but, as soon as they slide their feet into the slippers the feeling of comfort will penetrate in the body. The slippers could also incorporate some cute little wings and a golden horn on top of them.

Unicorn style water bottle:

Water bottles are a huge part of everyone’s life, they tend to keep you hydrated throughout the day, without having to get up and look for a water cooler. Therefore, unicorn style water bottles can serve as an extremely thoughtful gift. You could even add in some extra elements in the bottle by customizing it for your loved ones, this can be done by adding  some quotes or the name of the person.

There are many bottles in the market where the makers have incorporated glitter, tiny wings as well as a small horn on top of them. You can go for such a bottle which acts as an insulator as well so that your loved one has the availability of hot or cold drinks throughout the day. Every time the water bottle is reached for, it will remind the person of you.

Personalized fluffy unicorns:

Who does not like going to sleep while having a pair of fluffy unicorns waiting in the bed, to cuddle with? Another great unicorn style gift option could be a pair of soft and plush unicorn toys. It will serve as an amazing gift for little kids since most kids have a habit of sleeping with soft toys. Such unicorn toys are available in the market in a huge variety, they come in all sizes, small large or medium. It is up to you which one suits best in your case.

These toys often come with little decorative features which range from tiny ears on both sides, a cute little squishy horn on the forehead and the ever famous wings of the unicorn. On most of these toys, makers stitch the ears, nose, and eyes through careful embroidery; this is done in order to ensure the safety of the child. So here is a safe option.